Personnel System

Korea Disaster Safety Development Institute develops and distributes disaster safety-related products that anyone can easily and usefully use in real life to secure people's safety more in a world of change where ability is prioritized. In line with this characteristic, we have implemented a personnel system to select talented people who value neighbors' lives, value the team's safety, and respect the values of humans and individuals who devote themselves endlessly. This is the beginning of creating a corporate culture at Korea Disaster Safety Development Institute that respects people and customers who love the community.

  • A merit system,
    performance-based evaluation
  • Compensation system
    based on performance
  • Demonstrate individual creativity
  • Give equal opportunity
  • Discovering and nurturing global talent
    and placing them in the right place

Position and Promotion Chance

We implement a suitable personnel system that develops an individual's ability fully and demonstrate its ability. Therefore, we work hard for efficient personnel management that is proper for work characteristics.

Promotion period by position
Conducted once a year according to the promotion guidelines

  • General Job Group

    Year of promotion based on university graduate new employee
  • Manufacturing Group

Human Resources Development Policy

Promotion Period by Position
To be reborn as a company that develops and distributes products related to disaster safety, Korea Disaster Safety Development Institute intends to develop individual abilities to the maximum and to nurture employees with a willingness to take on challenges and the ability to act autonomously. To this end, we have established and implemented a company-wide and systematic training strategy to provide education that contributes to customer satisfaction and business performance by developing customized training programs.

  • Introductory
    for new employees
    (4 weeks)

  • Foreign language Education

  • Improve Job Skills

  • Etc.