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Korea Disaster Safety Development Institute website.
Korea Disaster Safety Development Institute makes a great effort to help people lead a safe and delighted life by developing and distributing products related to disaster safety that anyone can quickly and usefully use in real life. I want to express my gratitude to all those who cherish and support Korea Disaster Safety Development Institute and ask for your continued interest and love in the future.

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    Korea Disaster Safety Development Institute

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    Kim, Ihan

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Mission & Vision We will research and develop until the day when the people are safe.

  • Globalization of Technology

    • International certification of new materials, new substances, and new technologies
    • Exported to over ten countries
  • Research & Development

    • Research and development of safety products necessary for practical situations
    • Research and development of new concept beauty/living products
    • Develop new materials and new substances using natural materials
    • Safe product development through proven natural ingredients
  • Completion of The Integrated Quality Management System

    • Establishment of management system process manual for reasonable production and high quality
    • Supplied only perfect products through a thorough quality control system
  • Customer Service

    • Increase customer satisfaction with reasonable and flexible pricing policies
    • Providing the best service through fast customer response